Abandoned Restaurant and a Pendant Light

Upcycled Wire Whisk, Beater, Wire Whip, Pendant Light-006

Several weeks ago my oldest son offered to take me on a unique scavenging trip. A trip into the bowels of an Italian restaurant that has long since gone out of business.  The building was bought by my son’s company, who buys properties and renovates them.  In this case, they haven’t done any renovations yet, they just keep some of their building supplies stored there.

Scavenging an abandoned restaurant

The kitchen was huge, but the ceiling and walls were starting to deteriorate.  Actually, this room wasn’t so bad; there was another room we couldn’t even walk into, because the floor was so spongy.

Scavenging an abandoned restaurant-001

The old freezer door was still intact, a beautiful piece of oak.

Scavenging an abandoned restaurant-002

There was no electricity in the building, so where there were no windows, it was pitch black. Flashlights came in very handy!

Restaurant Scavenging

These are the steps leading to the basement storage areas.  The picture is deceiving in that there was absolutely no light, the stairs are temporarily lit up from the flash on the camera.

There was a dead rat on the stairs.  That wasn’t so bad…it was way better than a live rat.

Restaurant Scavenging-001

Love these old lockers in the basement. Very industrial chic.

Restaurant Scavenging-002

The kitchen supply room was still full of dishes and pots and pans.

Restaurant Scavenging-003

These were some of the smaller items we pulled out.  

Upcycled Wire Whisk, Beater, Wire Whip, Pendant Light

And in that pile was this old industrial beater, which is actually called a Whip which  delivers a fluffy, delicate texture to your signature souffles, meringues, and more” .  I didn’t make that up, that’s the description from a restaurant supply store.

Upcycled Wire Whisk, Beater, Wire Whip, Pendant Light-001

It was kind of crusty, and the little blob on it looked kind of pooish.

Upcycled Wire Whisk, Beater, Wire Whip, Pendant Light-002

Nothing a nice bath of vinegar and water followed by a toothbrush scrub couldn’t heal.

Upcycled Wire Whisk, Beater, Wire Whip, Pendant Light-003

Finished off the beater by giving the top part a coat of semigloss black paint.

HEMMA Cord set with switch - IKEA - Google Chrome 5222016 82013 AM.bmp


An inexpensive cord set from IKEA threaded thru the opening of the beater is all it takes to convert it to a unique pendant light. 

Upcycled Wire Whisk, Beater, Wire Whip, Pendant Light-004

Upcycled Wire Whisk, Beater, Wire Whip, Pendant Light-007


Upcycled Wire Whisk, Beater, Wire Whip, Pendant Light-006

Upcycled Wire Whisk, Beater, Wire Whip, Pendant Light-008

I was working on one other project over the weekend from my scavenging trip to the restaurant. I should have that project done by Thursday.  Until then, have a great week.

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  • Anne F says:

    What a fabulous new use for an egg beater!!!! Super cool!

  • susan says:

    Nice looking kitchen fixture, imagination wins again!

  • Suzy Godfrey says:

    Love it! What a unique idea and conversation piece.

  • Stacey says:

    In a hundred years I never would have thought of this idea and it is awesome! One of the best benefits of blogging is to see things through somebody else’s eyes. Thanks for opening mine. Your light fixture is so cool and so on trend.

    Happy Thoughts of Home and thank you so much for joining us. 🙂

  • Angela Boone says:

    What a cool light!! Thanks for sharing at TOHOT.

  • What a happy find and a great repurpose! Thank you so very much for joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  • AnnMarie says:

    As creepy as that restaurant looks I would have loved to be there with you picking through all that great old stuff! Your light is by far the most unique pendant light I’ve seen. Love it! Thanks for the Ikea ad for the light….been looking for one!

    • Joan says:

      It really was a lot of fun. FYI, light from IKEA come with a switch and without a switch. The switch light is $1 more ($6). I didn’t notice the switch difference when I was there.

  • I love this! Its got so much character and fun! What a great repurpose and find!

  • Samantha says:

    Such a cool light!!! Thanks for sharing at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link!

  • Joan, you always come up with such great DIY ideas and what a great post! Love how your mind works and such a fabulous and unique pendant light! Thank you for sharing it at the DIY Sunday Showcase party. It was one of my Top 6 favs and I’ll be pinning it to our DIY Sunday Showcase Talent Board.

    • Joan says:

      Thanks Marie, I always enjoy your party and the variety but I keep showing up to your party late. Last week it was a wedding, this week it’s a home demo.