Upcycled Shutters Lamp diy

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,Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy


As a self-professed scavenger, I get my ideas and my supplies from just about anywhere.  I’ve been known to root around in a dump or two, flea markets, thrift stores, abandoned homes, junked cars…to name but a few.  It’s the thrill of the hunt.  However, once it gets out there that you actually like this kind of thing, then you open yourself up to getting gifts of , let’s call it what it is , junk.  It’s not just any junk, it’s junk with potential.

That’s how it came to be that for my birthday this year, my oldest son Keith and his wife Steph, gave me a pile of  “junk”.  I do believe Steph thought Keith was a little nuts, but he assured her that I could see the potential.  With a few of the items, I too think he’s a little nuts….he may have to help me brainstorm. But in the pile was this fantastic galvanized bucket which didn’t take too much thought into making a decorated galvanized bucket.


Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy


Also in the pile, were these four window shutters.  I believe they envisioned them standing up , with a light inside and with the shutter mechanism you could adjust the light dim to dimmer. Cool idea, but I don’t use nightlights that often.  When I have a lamp on,  I want light and lots of it.   What if I could use the shutters as my base for a freestanding lamp?  The problem was, they were kind of tall for a lamp, 24 inches.  Even my pipe lamp, which I thought was kind of tall, was only 18 inches.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy


Deconstruction was the key!.  With a jigsaw I sawed down one edge of the shutters.  It turns out that the slats are only held in place by a small little peg on each side.  Once one side is cut, the entire piece is freed from the frame. That still leaves pegs on the other side, but we’ll deal with that later.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy

Now for something to build my lamp around.  It turns out that those slats are the perfect width of a 6 x 6 post.  One of which I had conveniently under my deck.  It really was meant to be.

Cut the 6 x 6 post to 14 1/2 inches for no other reason than ….that looks about right.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy

Since my post was only 14 1/2 inches, I had to remove 3 1/2  slats on each side.  Could use a jigsaw, but chose a chopsaw which gets the job done super quick.

The pegs that were sticking out on the side of each shutter were cut off with my tin snips.

The four shutters were lined up on the 6 x 6 post and nailed into position with a nail gun.   Only needed to nail one side and by keeping those nails on the side, they would be covered up in the next step.  Those shutters weren’t going anywhere.  f you don’t have a nail gun, regular nails would work or building adhesive, but you would just have to wait for it to dry before moving on.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy


To cover up all those ugly corners, bought 5 feet of corner molding from the hardware store and used finishing nails to nail into place.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy

Need to attach a bottom and top.  I used 2 pieces of mdf plywood  1″ thick, and 7 3/4 inch square.   Alternatively, could have used 1 inch pine cut to size and routered the edges.  Because I used the mdf, and  I wanted to have a nicer finished edge, I still needed to purchase additional molding.  I chose a half round molding, about 3 feet.  That molding was cut with a miter saw and I also used finishing nails to nail it into place.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy

Nail holes were filled and sanded.  Nailed and glued the top and bottom pieces on.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy

Stained the edges of the lamp so that when I painted and sanded off the edges, a darker finish would show through.   Note…if you are not going to sand the edges there is no need to stain the lamp.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy

Spray painted the entire lamp white.  For this project , spray paint was easiest, since it gets into all the nooks and crannies.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy

Edges were sanded, to give a bit of an aged look.

Ready to make this guy into a lamp.  Check out my post here for  lamp making instructions.

Pick a lampshade, Upcycled shutter lamp diy


Now for the most important part.  Take your lamp into the store to pick out a shade.  Just like you wouldn’t by a hat without seeing what it looks like on you first…don’t buy a lampshade without seeing what it will look like on your lamp.  You’ll probably save yourself a couple of trips to the store.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy

From shutters to a lamp.

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy

Upcycled, Recycled Shutters Lamp diy


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  • karen t ford says:

    I think I am in love. You had me at the lamp

  • Bev says:

    I love the look of this lamp! You are so talented!

  • What a great repurpose! We are a lot alike. Not too long ago, one of my kids sent me a photo of someone’s trash pile out by the street and asked me if there was anything I wanted her to get before the trash truck came!

  • Ellie from Canada says:

    Words cannot describe how much I like this lamp!! Has to be the best I’ve seen yet. Perfect for my LR. 🙂

  • Lenore says:

    Lamps make a house homey. Your lamp gives o feel of so much more. Your choice on the lamp shape is a perfect finish to your lamp. You did a great job with your creation and thank you for sharing the steps to make it ourselves. I would never have thought of bringing a lamp into a store to buy a shade, your logic is so perfect and practical. I love it. I will be moving to a new state, well the state isn’t new it has been there a long time, it is new for me to be living in it not just visiting. Your lamp design will be helping me make my new home homey. Have a great day!

    • Joan says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Up until a couple of months ago I was scouring the stores for lamps that fit my home and nothing ever seemed to fit just right. Now I’m seeing lamp potential in just about everything. Check out my post on how to wire a lamp and I think you’ll be hooked.

  • gail says:

    I love your shutter lamp! You did a great job and showed us how to with a super tutorial.

  • Claudia says:

    Hey! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering
    if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Joan says:

      Hi Claudia, my site uses Akismet plugin for stopping spam. I don’t know about many of the others but it seems to be working well.

  • Kevin says:

    This lamp has inspired me to make my own lamps for my home rather than buying expensive ones at the store!

  • Mollie says:

    I love that you picked the square lamp shade with the square base!

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