Scavenged Treasures by the Stream

Easy DIY bench
Behind my house, down past the pallet garden, the pallet wood  signpost and an old apple tree…down past the storm drainage pond, runs a tiny little stream.

I can’t say my kids played in the stream very much when they were younger because in the winter the icy stream was too cold to play in and in the summer the weeds and sticker bushes formed an impenetrable barrier.

On  Earth Day every year, before the weeds would reclaim the stream, I would send my kids out with a  great big garbage bag and they would do their best to pick up any trash that happened to get caught up in the storm runoff or a windy trash day. But usually the stream was ignored.

With some warm weather last week, I did have a chance to walk down to the stream. You can see some of the weeds starting to emerge, so it won’t be long before the stream is hidden again.
DIY Log Succulent PlanterBesides a bag of trash I did manage to find a couple of treasures.  Doesn’t look like much does it?

DIY Log Succulent Planter

It may not look like it, but this fine piece of wood is a succulent planter.  Can you believe it was just sitting there?

Not wanting to take any chances on any critters that may have been spending the winter inside, this fine log was shoved into the oven for a half hour at 200 degrees. I had to saw a piece off so it would fit.

I’m assuming the baking did it’s job because I didn’t see any critters crawling across the counter.

DIY Log Succulent Planter

Some of the log that was rotting was easily chipped away with the end of a screwdriver.

DIY Log Succulent Planter

The rest of the log was drilled out with a 1 1/2″  Spade Bit.

Just drill a nice little hole for your succulents to sit.  Try not to drill all the way through the wood.

DIY Log Succulent Planter-004

I have two planters going.  The piece I had chopped off of the log was plenty big to have it’s own succulent garden.

DIY Log Succulent Planter

As far as soil is concerned, I just used the same dirt the succulents came in.  I found it was cheaper to buy a planter with several different kinds in it then to buy each plant separately.

DIY Log Succulent Planter

Finished off my succulent planter with a layer of moss.

I would love to say I’m an expert on the planting and care of succulents but I’m not.  I do have a beautiful jade and aloe plant sitting in my kitchen window and they seem to love it there.  So I will tell you that succulents seem to like a lot of sunshine.  Other than that, I’m going to refer you over to this website, Succulents and Sunshine for tips on succulent gardens.

DIY Log Succulent Planter

DIY Log Succulent Planter

DIY Log Succulent Planter-010

DIY Log Succulent Planter

DIY Log Succulent Planter

I did say that I found a couple of treasures…

Easy DIY bench

My other treasure was this 2×10 that seems to have been caught up in a heavy downpour.  It was tossed with a bunch of other branches against a couple of trees. I can never resist a perfectly good piece of wood so I hauled that back with my succulent log.

Easy DIY bench

The 2×10 didn’t make it very far, setting it down on a couple of stumps at the bottom of my yard, it now makes a pretty good bench…that is until I need a nice piece of wood, then I’ll know just where to look.  That bench may be the easiest and least expensive project I’ve ever made.

Have a wonderful week, stay inspired.

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  • Keith says:

    I’m pretty sure we were in that stream every day during the summer, maybe just further up where you couldn’t see us 😉

    • Joan says:

      Pretty sure you played in the stream in the woods not behind the house. Is my memory gone? What was your name again? 🙂

  • Gail Pulford says:

    Looks great! Is this part of a theme?

  • sue says:

    Love it!!! Easy but really nice.

  • Pam says:

    Great find on the kids part! I have a creek that runs right next to the driveway and I do my best to keep it cleaned. Grandkids love to go down the slope and clean out things for me.

  • David Jackson says:

    You could find a good use for a cow patty…….

  • Barbara says:

    What a great idea for your succulents. Nothing like mixing/combining two parts of nature. I bet those succulents will thrive in that old log. Thanks for sharing such a good idea.