Two Reclaimed Wood Christmas Stars

Reclaimed Wood, Pallet Wood, Christmas Ornaments, Stars

It is so hard for me to believe that Christmas is just a few weeks away. And because I know you are super busy, I have a couple of easy stars to get you into the spirit of the holiday.  Both are made from reclaimed wood and can easily be put together in less than an hour.


When I fixed up a termite eaten trunk a few weeks ago I had to sadly cut away a bunch of beautiful chippy painted wood.  While the chippy paint was still awesome on the outside, the inside had totally seen better days. The termites had abandoned their happy little home, but little termite tunnels ran throughout the wood.

Chippy painted, reclaimed wood Christmas Stars

There was just enough of the uneaten wood left to make my stars.

This star, found online, works perfectly for my reclaimed wood stars.  It’s already divided into segments.  Cutting out just one of the points gives me my pattern.


I placed my star pattern on the edges of the wood, finding just enough non-termite tunneled wood for two stars.

reclaimed-wood-stars-003I cut out the star pieces with a tabletop scroll saw but a jigsaw would work just as well.


To hold my stars together, I traced around the same star pattern on thin plywood , then made a cut line 1/4″ inside that line. Again, I used a tabletop scroll saw to cut out my stars.reclaimed-wood-stars-005

With builders adhesive I attached the star pieces to the backing.  You could also use hot glue, wood glue or a strong adhesive like E600 clear glue.                .


I finished the backs and sides with a coat of black chalk paint sanded the edges followed by a coat of vintage wax (the vintage wax is not shown in this picture).


The fronts were finished with a coat of spray varnish.

Now for the second star.  I used the same pattern to trace over pallet wood and cut out.

Pallet wood Snowflakes

Earlier in the week I showed you a few snowflakes painted on pallet wood.  These stars are going to get the exact same snowflakey treatment.


First coat is a layer of black chalk paint.  I didn’t have to get all the way to the sides since I was still going to sand the edges.


The black is followed by teal and finished with a coat of light blue chalk paint.

I sanded off the edges until all the layers just blend together.


White paint and a thin paint brush and these two stars got the snowflake treatment or maybe it’s a decorated cookie treatment.

The star on the right has a vintage wax all over and the one on the left has no wax, you can decide which you like better.

Reclaimed Wood, Pallet Wood, Christmas O

Reclaimed Wood, Pallet Wood, Christmas Ornaments, Stars

Reclaimed Wood, Pallet Wood, Christmas O

Reclaimed Wood, Pallet Wood, Christmas Ornaments, Stars

Reclaimed Wood, Pallet Wood, Christmas Ornaments, Stars
Some day I’ll actually set up my Christmas tree and I’ll be able to use my new ornaments. OK, that’s not happening any time soon but it doesn’t stop me from making some new decorations.

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