Sweater Hurricane Lamp and 15 more Recycled Sweater Gift Ideas

Recycled Sweater Hurricane Lamp

I had this great idea to continue my hurricane lamp slip covers with a beautiful cable knit thrift store sweater. You may remember my hurricane lamps covered in shells, driftwood, moss and honeysuckle vines. But after doing a little research I found that it’s already been done. Hey, that’s my idea. 

No worries, I  would do my project anyway, but I also went looking to see what other sweater projects I may have been missing out there in blogland. Apparently a lot, and after I show you my quick tutorial I’ll show you a bunch more things you can do with a recycled sweater, many of which would be great for gift giving this holiday season.

Recycled Sweater Hurricane Lamp

I believe, that of all the hurricane lamps that I’ve made, this one went together by far the quickest.  Total time to make 2 of the lamps was probably less than a half hour and that was with taking pictures.

Start with your hurricane lamp or cylinder vase and a sweater of your choosing.

Recycled Sweater Hurricane Lamp

I was hoping that my hurricane lamp would fit in the sleeves of my sweater but either my sweater was too small ( it was a small after all) or my vase was too large, but it would not fit.  I was stuck with using the body of my sweater for my vases.

Recycled Sweater Hurricane Lamp

With the wrong side out, pinned the sweater around my vase making it kinda snug and sewed the line I just pinned.  Trimmed the seam.

Recycled Sweater Hurricane Lamp

With the wrong side still facing out, pull the sweater over the vase.  Turn over the unfinished edge and hot glue in place.

Recycled Sweater Hurricane Lamp

Turn the sweater right side out and you’re done. If you would like to add buttons, they too can be hot glued in place. They could also be sewed in place but then you’re looking at over a half hour.

Recycled Sweater Hurricane Lamp

Recycled Sweater Hurricane Lamp


Recycled Sweater Hurricane Lamp

Such a quick project and so pretty lit up at night.

Since that project went so quickly, I’m sure you’re ready for 15 more recycled sweater ideas.  Get ready to be inspired and get out your Christmas list. 

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-004

This endless scarf was made by B Organic.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-005

I know a few people on my Christmas list who would love these cute wine bottle gift bags from What Che Said as long as the wine was included.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-009

These repurposed sweater pillows are from Cami over at Tidbits. She also shares her secret for avoiding wavy seams when sewing with sweaters.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-014

This cute little snowman if from Crafts n Coffee. In the same link she shows you how to make a bunch of snowmen heads from a tube sock.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-013

This patchwork Pet bed is from Apartment Therapy. A great chance to use up a bunch of old sweaters.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-012

This cute pincushion was found over at Flickr. No tutorial here, but if you click on the link you’ll see a few pincushions in a couple of different colors.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-011

How cute is this little beanie hat from Make it & Love it. She actually made them in several different styles, all adorable.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-010

No babies to make a hat for, how about this cute little Christmas tree ornament from Cherished Bliss.  Apparently she didn’t make her ornament, but to me, that looks totally doable.15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-008

I’ve been admiring this lampshade for a while from A Cultivated Nest.  Apparently all you need is an old lamp shade, hot glue and of course a sweater.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-007

These beautiful mittens are from My Yellow Farmhouse.  She didn’t include a tutorial so I’ll send you here for one.  Wouldn’t these be great for everyone on your Christmas list?

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-006

I couldn’t decide which Christmas trees I liked better, so I included them both.  the above trees were made by One More Time.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-003

   And these trees are from  Bargainhoot.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-002

Have a doggy who needs a little style? How cute is this sweater from VoKnits.

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp-001

These boot socks are from Stuff Happens. No diy here, but I’m thinking they wouldn’t be too hard to reproduce.  Cut sleeves, hem one end?

15 Fantastic Sweater recycling ideas.bmp

I don’t think this was originally a recycled sweater, but how cute is this baby wrap from Caet’s blog?

Hope you got lots of ideas for your Christmas gift giving but if you need more, the recycled sweaters I showed you are less than half of the ones I found while perusing the net. Don’t worry, I pinned them all.  Make sure you check out my Pinterest page “Sweaters” for even more ideas and I’ll meet you in the sweater department of the Thrift Store.

Pinterest Recycling Sweater ideas

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