Repurposing Dresser Drawers

Repurposed Drawer side Table-004

Recycle, upcycle, repurpose, reuse….whatever you call it, these nightstands do it all.  The knobs are new, but the spindle legs, hardwood flooring top and drawer body of the table have all had past lives.

Their worlds are about to collide.

Repurposed Drawer side Table

My drawers were leftover from my red and black painted dresser.  I’ve kept these drawers around for what seems like forever. There is nothing actually wrong with the drawers but since the dresser is being used as a sofa table, I wanted to use baskets instead of drawers  in two of the slots so these 2 drawers just got cast aside.

I was happy to see that these drawers had dovetailed corners, which hopefully means they’ll stay together a bit longer than if they had just been nailed and glued.

Repurposed Drawer side Table-001

The idea for these side tables was to use the bottom of the drawer as the top of a side table with the attachment of a bit of hardwood flooring. Right now there is nothing to attach the flooring to, except for that thin strip of wood on the sides of the drawer.

Repurposed Drawer side Table-002

A couple of pieces of scrap wood  (did you guess I used pallet wood?) attached to the bottom of the drawer gives a place for the hardwood flooring to be nailed to.

Repurposed Drawer side Table - spindles

I’m using some more of the spindles that my brother sent my way for the legs.  Just because the spindles looked like they were all the same, doesn’t mean they actually were.  Two of these guys don’t belong.

Repurposed Drawer side Table lining up spindles

Once you get all the same kind of spindles, often you will find they are not all the same length, depending on where they fell on the staircase.

Repurposed Drawer side Tables spindles

All of the spindles were trimmed to the same length and given a light sanding to get rid of most of the really flaking paint.  With spindles this old, definitely would recommend you do your sanding outdoors with a mask.  It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if there was lead in the paint.

Repurposed Drawer side Table- rounding off spindles

Also sanded down the bottom edge of the spindle to soften up the cut.

Repurposed Drawer side Table- spindle legs

This is how the spindles fit inside the drawer.  A screw from the top and a few screws from the sides hold the spindles in place.

Repurposed Drawer side Table- moving knobs

The spindles blocked my drawer handle holes so those had to be filled and sanded.

Repurposed Drawer side Table- painting

This pretty blue chalk paint covered up the black from the dresser.  Some of the spindle legs had a color very similar to this peeking through one of their many layers.

Repurposed Drawer side Table- distressed chalk paint

The drawers needed 2 layers of the chalk paint.  After they were dry, the edges were sanded to reveal a bit of the dresser’s past.

Repurposed Drawer side Table in progress

The holes for the knobs were redrilled a bit further in.  These knobs were from Hobby Lobby. As you probably can tell, these knobs are just for show.  That drawer is definitely not working anymore.

Repurposed Drawer side Table- hardwood flooring top

The top was finished with some salvaged tongue and groove hardwood flooring.

Pair of Repurposed Drawer side Tables

The tables are perfect as nightstands in the guest bedroom.  If you would like to make your own set of post table lamps, check out the tutorial here. 

If you’re wondering, those are not 2 different colored lampshades, that’s the difference between a cfl bulb and a regular bulb.  Some day all my bulbs will be cfl but right now, I’m too lazy to go and find two light bulbs that match.

Repurposed Drawer side Table hardwood flooring top

Repurposed Drawer side Table-005

Repurposed Drawer side Table-004

Because these are non working drawers, a wire basket is perfect for holding magazines or anything else you or your guests would like to throw in there.

Have a wonderful week.  Stay inspired.

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