Repurposed Ironing Board

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

I had just gotten rid of my piggy sign when this ironing board landed in my lap. OK, not actually in my lap, but in my car.

Years ago, my oldest sister had picked up this old ironing board at a yard sale for $1.  It was late in the day, the owners didn’t want to carry it back into their house and they made an offer she couldn’t refuse.

For the most part the ironing board just sat around her house doing nothing.  It got a second life as a table behind a sofa for a few years but not being the sturdiest of tables the poor sad thing was eventually replaced. So now, my other sister somehow got it in her possession and she came up with the great idea of painting a wine bottle on the wood ironing board. It really is the perfect shape. So, she took off the legs and had every intention of painting it herself except for one small detail, she has no time. And that is how I ended up with a legless ironing board in my car.

Painted Wine bottles


Well I was excited, I always like when someone comes up with a unique project that I didn’t have to think of.

First things first, I had to find my inspiration. I went on line to see how other people painted wine bottles.  What shape wine bottle, what kind of label, how big should the label be, what should I do for the top of the bottle. My inspiration was out there, I just needed to google it.

For the shape and color of my bottle, I decided to follow the Caymus Vineyard bottle (the second one from the left).

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

Made a wine bottle pattern on newspaper.  By folding the paper in half lengthwise and then cutting, both sides of the wine bottle are exactly the same.

With pencil, traced around the bottle pattern directly onto the ironing board.

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

Start painting.  These are just acrylic paints found in 100’s of colors at the craft store. A base coat of black with a few white highlights while the paint was still wet was all that was needed for the bottom of the bottle.

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

For the top of the bottle, again a base of black, this time with a few touches of white, yellow and mustard.

My pallet is usually just a salad plate, the acrylics wash right off.

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

Painted the background of my label first and let dry before adding a border.

The label’s lettering was typed and printed out on the computer then transferred to the bottle then hand painted with a small brush. Easy to get creative here and name your Vineyard absolutely anything using any font…a family name, a nearby park, a favorite destination or your favorite vineyard. And of course, pick out your favorite wine and year.  If you need an idea on how to transfer an image you can check out my fish bait sign found here.

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

Finished off with a bunch of painted grapes.  Painted the entire grape area black first then overlayed purple mixed with black circles (grapes) followed by a little white mixed with the same black/purple. I had to transfer the grape leaves and then fill in because I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out how to draw a grape leaf.

The entire wine bottle was lightly sanded then finished with a coat of clear wax.

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

Cabernet Franc, is hubby’s favorite.

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

Upcycled Ironing Board, Painted Wine Bottle

Such a fun sign for a bar or wine room.  If you don’t happen to have an old wooden ironing board lying around (who doesn’t?) pallet wood (of course) or old fencing will give the same effect.

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