Heap of Change Challenge : Workbench Storage

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Last week I joined the Heap of Change Challenge put on by Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors.



Donna put out the challenge to change an area in your home, to declutter, to reimagine, to simplify.  The party has been going on the entire month of January but I only decided to join in last Thursday.  That is when I showed you the beginnings of my workbench makeover.    To give you a recap, this is what my workbench looked like before.

workshop before picture

My husband and I had moved our workbench from our old home into our new home 23 years ago.  It was still as sturdy as the day it was built (30 years ago) but it needed a little makeover.  So, last Thursday you saw the beginnings of my workbench revamping.  Keeping the old workbench in place, I added two extra feet, giving me 6 square feet of new usable work space.

building shelves for workbench storage

This week, the first order of business was to make shelves to sit above the workbench to hold bins for all my nails, screws, hooks, wire, tacks….everything that was previously in drawers sitting on top of the workbench will now be elevated off the workbench to give more workspace.

The above pictures show my shelves in process.  Three 1×6 by 6ft lengths as well as thin plywood (this was originally 2ft by 4ft) were all painted white.

Used 2 scrap pieces of 1×6 by 12 1/2″ to make ends for the shelves.  These were nailed and glued into place.

Used my stapler which can also shoot tiny little brads and glue  to attach the backing to the shelves (this was the thin plywood cut in half)

revamping an old workshop - in progress

In progress…the shelves are made.  Had to take the pegboard down from the wall behind the workbench.  Doors are down from the cabinet for painting and the pegboard on the side has been given a coat of paint.

workbench storage, dollar store bins

 Checked out a few stores before finding these great bins at the Dollar Tree.  All together I spent $12.

moving into my new storage bins, dollar store bins

It took several hours to move all my bits and pieces over to my new bins and label so that I can find what I need when I need it.  I’ve never been more organized in my life.  These bins make me happy.

old kitchen cabinet revamped (before)

This is the cabinet that sits above my workbench.  It’s an old kitchen cabinet that my brother had pulled out of a house he was rehabbing years ago.  Besides painting it hunter green, nothing had been done to the cabinet since it was installed, also 22 years ago.  (Hunter green was popular then, don’t judge me)

old kitchen cabinet revamped (after) transfering image to cabinet, image transfer, kitchen cabinet makeover

Painted the cabinet white and headed over to The Graphics Fairy and found this cool vintage advertising graphic of a rubber stamp factory in Baltimore.  Since I used to work in Baltimore, this would be perfect for my cabinet.

In Publisher, I blew up my image to the size of my cabinet and then printed it out on tissue paper.

old kitchen cabinet revamped (after) transfering image to cabinet, image transfer, kitchen cabinet makeover

old kitchen cabinet revamped (after) transfering image to cabinet, image transfer, kitchen cabinet makeover

This was then modpodged onto my now white cabinet.  Big change!

peg board workshop storage


The last project for this side of the room was to do something with this pegboard.  I knew where everything was, but if I look at it objectively,  (or even not objectively ) it’s kind of messy.

recycled tiered server now a paint caddy, workshop storage, peg board storage

Yes, that is the same pegboard all painted white and reorganized.  

I have decided that I don’t particularly like painting pegboards though.  If you use the normal back and forth painting motion you’ll fill in all the holes.  It probably would have been easier to take down and spray paint it .

recycled tiered server now a paint caddy, workshop storage

My tiered server that I showed how to make last week now has a new home.  It makes a great paint caddy.

workshop makeover, adding storage to workshop, workbench

The shelf is now installed.  Also added a rusty iron thingy found in Maine and a magnet board made from old roofing tins. (I’ll show you how to make one for yourself in a future post)

workshop makeover, adding storage to workshop, workbench

workshop makeover, adding storage to workshop, workbench

workshop makeover, adding storage to workshop, workbench


I now am so organized and have so much workspace I don’t know what to do with myself.  In all this organization, however, I’ve lost my main hammer…how can I be so organized and lose my hammer?

Next week I’ll reveal the wall to the left of the workbench which houses my miter saw.  It’s looking awesome, just not ready for it’s big reveal yet.  Stay tuned.

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  • Oh. My. Gosh…. I can’t believe this is the same work bench! Saved by the dollar tree and junk! haha Truly fabulous Joan! I’m totally going to share that 3 tiered junk stand with your paint! LOVE that! Well done.. you must adore your room! What took ya so long to join up? heehee!

    • Joan says:

      Thank you so much. It was all inspired by the great work you did in your workshop. I definitely needed that push in the right direction.

  • Fonda Rush says:

    What a wonderful work space! Such a difference between the before and after. As far as the hammer goes…look for it where you last used it. Sorry…that’s all the advice I can come up with! Enjoy your new and improved space. Thank you for sharing!

    • Joan says:

      Call off the search, the hammer has been found. It was in the ceiling of course!? Since this is a basement space , the rafters are open. Must have set it there when taking down the pegboard. And yes, it was in the last place I used it…if only I had remembered where that was.

  • Betsy says:

    Wow, what a transformation. A place for everything and everything in its place…except your hammer.

  • an absolute dream space! love the cabinet doors and all the other changes. I am building a shed at the moment and you have me all inspired.
    thanks Fiona x

  • Great storage and work space. I’ve enjoyed your posts leading up to this one and looking forward to your next reveal.

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  • I LOVE your tiered serving tray/supplies caddy! What an awesome addition to your work space.

  • Amazing transformation. I love your storage caddy and the shelves.

  • Wow, you did a lot in a very short amount of time. I have a similar workbench that my husband made and it pretty much looks like your before shot most of the time. It’s located in the unfinished part of our basement. I cleaned up and decluttered this time last year but It keeps turning into a catch all. You have inspired me to do it all again add a pegboard to the wall for additional storage as well. Love and adore the tiered server too!

    • Joan says:

      Mine was a huge catchall. I did a lot of my work on the floor because there was no workspace. Good luck

  • Christine says:

    Wow, such a great transformation. All your hard work really paid off, great job!

  • Amazing after photo! Great job on transforming your garage! I know how tough that can be and you have done a wonderful job! I hope you find your hammer soon and have fun creating future projects in that awesome workspace! 😀

  • That looks great! It came out so bright and fun! I love it!

  • Wow Joan talk about a nicely organized and styled workbench. Love what you used for your magnet board and the graphic on the cabinet is stunning. Wish my peg board looked as organized. Going to pick up some of those plastic containers for my workshop shelf – so much nicer than the mish mash I’ve got going on. That’s a work space a girl could get used to!

    • Joan says:

      Thanks Marie, It’s amazing what cheap bins can do for a space. Love partying with you guys over at the DIY Sunday Showcase., you’re always so nice to me. Have a great weekend and I’ll be visiting the party on Sunday!

  • Oh my word, this looks totally amazing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.