Sign Post made of Pallet Wood

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Pallet Wood Sign Post DIY

I love signposts.  With just a name they can bring you hundreds, if not thousands of miles away.  While they should be at a crossroads, to let you know whether to go to Emerald City or Munchkin Land, sometimes they are just placed randomly, so you know that if you walk 1700 miles in a particular direction you should eventually trip over a lake ….more or less.

The first signpost above was on the beach at a restaurant in Boca Grande, Florida where my youngest brother was married.  This time the whole signpost reminds me of an event.

The second , which I haven’t been to, is located at the signpost forest in Alaska.  With 65,000+ signs , it may be too many signs to try to recreate.

The third one is located in Key West, Florida.  You would think that all the signs would be pointing north…

So, with all those signposts in mind, I thought it would be fun to make my own signpost with places that our family has vacationed to or places that have some special meaning in our lives. First thing I had to do was to gather my wood.  A nice assortment of weathered wood, thick and thin, so of course I had to use my stash of pallet wood.  The only problem with my pallet wood is that it is currently buried in my garage.  Behind this…

Pallet Wood Sign Post DIY

That is not my stuff.  This is what happens when your son is between houses, all of his stuff somehow makes it back home.  My pallet wood, when I last saw it, was behind the mattress on the ground.

Pallet Wood Sign Post DIY


A.  I can finally see my stash of pallet wood

B.  Picked out about a dozen pieces of random width pieces

C.  Used a mitre saw or chop saw to cut the pointy ends of my arrows.  Used a handheld jigsaw to cut a fish shape and the indented part of the arrow

D. Cut pieces quickly add up

E. For specific pictures or lettering I penciled in my shape first to make sure it fit

F. For variety, I  painted a background color on a couple of my arrows.  The crab was for Ocean City MD.  Before using the ones with the painted backgrounds, I took my palm sander to them to make them look a little aged.

After calculating the distance from my house to my cities or places, I was ready to paint.

Pallet Wood Sign Post DIY

Pallet Wood Sign Post DIY

All finished painting and lined up on the floor.  These might make a pretty cool wall decoration…but not this time, they are going on my signpost.

Still needed something to attach my signs to, so a quick trip to Home Depot, I picked up a 4x4x8 ft post.  The signs were predrilled with a couple of holes and attached with exterior decking screws.Pallet Wood Sign Post DIY

Pallet Wood Sign Post DIY


Before I was looking at other signposts , I never realized what a nice arrow shape that fish have.  

Pallet Wood Sign Post DIY

Pallet Wood Sign Post DIY

I know, that whenever I look at my signpost, I will be reminded of some fantastic vacations and time spent with my family.  Some of the places are specific to our family…while I could have put San Francisco, we stayed in a beautiful hotel overlooking Alcatraz, we were able to take the tour and that night the hotel lent us a copy of  the movie, “Escape from Alcatraz” .  

Boston is not just the city of Boston, but the two times my husband, Brian, qualified and ran the Boston Marathon.

There is still plenty of room for more memories.

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