Scavenging Ideas around Takoma Park Maryland

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For my birthday over the weekend, my 3 fantastic sons treated me to a walking tour of Takoma Park, their farmer’s market, lunch, and a fantastic upcycling store that was right up my alley. And that was all before lunch. Afterwards we hopped on the subway for a bit of museum hopping in DC.  

The scavenger in me couldn’t help but notice all the fantastic upcycling ideas and works of art around town.  Here is a bit of inspiration.


Roscoes Pizzeria  Wine Wall

These 2 pictures were from our lunch spot in Takoma Park, Roscoe’s Pizzeria. Love the impact of the the wall of wine and the edison light bulb light fixtures.

Reclaimed objects Bench Takoma Park MD

Scattered throughout Takoma Park are these art benches.  This one was made from bowling balls, pins, pool balls and a working clock.

Street Sign Bench, Takoma Park MD


And this one from street signs.  So fun.

Mosaic Little Lending Library

This is one of the cutest Little Lending Libraries I’ve seen.  Love the use of odds and ends combined to make a beautiful mosaic.

The last pictures are all from the store  Trohv.  If you are ever in Takoma Park, I highly recommend.  Tons of upcycled, recycled and vintage finds.

Hanging Glass Bottle Pendant Light


 Light made from a huge glass bottle.  What I found unique about this lamp was that they didn’t cut off the bottom, a skinny lightbulb was inserted from the top.

Saw blade table top

The light was sitting on this saw blade table.  I believe the blades were covered with a clear resin though you probably could use a glass top.

Recycled Cardboard Pendant Lights


Recycled Cardboard Pendant Lights.

Trohv wall sconces

Candle Sconces using rounded sides of logs.

Canvas artwork at Trohv


This artwork was really cool in person,  pictures don’t do it justice.

Rustic Trough at Trohv



Rustic trough. So many possibilities….

Did I inspire you to make something or just to go shopping?


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