Laundry Room Update, installing a new laundry tub

Replacing Laundry Room Sink, Laundry Room Update

Back in 2014 I shared with you my laundry room makeover. While it looked pretty good, at the time I didn’t ‘air all my dirty laundry’, ( a little laundry room humor) I never showed you the old laundry tub back in the … Continue Reading →

DIY Wood Countertop

Wood Countertop DIY

Add to Flipboard Magazine.   If you’ve been following my blog, I spent all of last week in my laundry room showing my cabinet transformation.  From transforming laminate cabinets to the diy pallet crates you see above. I was now … Continue Reading →

Refacing Laminate and Oak Cabinet Doors DIY, laundry room makeover, cabinet  door, recycling old cabinets

Refacing Laminate and Oak Cabinets DIY

Add to Flipboard Magazine. When we moved into our home  in 1992 we had no cabinets in our laundry room.  We needed some type of storage, and what was current at the time, but probably on their way out, were these … Continue Reading →