75 of the Best Homemade Gift Ideas

Welcome back, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends and good food.  Today I’m bringing you 75 of the best homemade, DIY gifts I could find on the internet for everyone on your gift list.  Gifts that people will actually love to receive!

If you add these to the 75 gifts I shared with you last year, you’ll soon be baking, sewing, hammering or just shopping.

75 Gift ideas for all occasions

Wherever possible I tried to link back to the original blogger and post.  If I missed giving credit where credit is due, please let me know.

For now, be prepared to be inspired.

Alice and LoisDIY Homemade Heating Pad = DIY Gifts

First up we have this Homemade Heating Pad from ‘Alice and Lois.  This looks so warm and snuggly, just heat in the microwave to relieve all those aches and pains.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Hose Homeowner Gift Basket.jpg (550×733) - Google Chrome 11262017 14019 PM.bmp

Have you ever seen a   gift basket made from a hose?  This would be fantastic for a new homeowner.  No how-to was included but you should be able to figure this one out.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Cake Stands with Vintage China

Marie at ‘The Interior Frugalista’ brings us these vintage china and glass candlestick tiered serving trays.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Caramels

Melanie at Garnish and Glaze shares her recipe for Homemade Caramels.  They sound so decadent.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Chocolate nugget snowmen

Stamping Country made these cute Chocolate nugget snowmen.  She used a stamp, but I would think you could just use a marker.  The hats are the tips of inexpensive gloves.  I think they would make great package decorations or use them for holiday place settings at the table.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Cork Wreath

If you ended up drinking the bottles of wine you intended to gift…you could opt for this cork wreath from ‘The Latina Next Door’.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Cutting Board and Salad Bowl Wall Orgainizer

No link was attached to this pin but I think this could be an easy DIY. Salad bowl and cutting board wall organizer.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Decorated Pot with Herbs

Courtney, at ‘A Thoughtful Place’  brings us this Herb pot.  She thought it would make a great hostess gift and claims its easier to make than it looks.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Favorite Saying or Phrase Pillow

The ‘Refab Diaries’  brings us this Personalized  pillow.  Think about including a favorite song or phrase.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Reclaimed Wood Angel

 No time to make a   reclaimed wood angel, you can find these on etsy.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Recycled Plastic Animal Mason Jars.bmp

The pinterest link was broken for this one as well, but these Mason jar and plastic animal lids were too cute not to include.  Besides jelly beans, I could see these jars holding other small bits and pieces…maybe marbles, crayons…

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Recycled Bed Spring Bells.jpg (720×479) - Google Chrome 11262017 14000 PM.bmp

There was no link for these bed spring bells but they would be an easy craft to make from the springs leftover from my Thanksgiving table.
DIY and Homemade Gifts - Stenciled Welcome Mat.bmp

A little different take on a welcome mat, how about a stenciled hey there mat.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Sweater Stocking

‘Confessions of a serial DIYer’ brought us this Recycled sweater Christmas stocking inspired by a stocking she found at Anthropologie.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Tool kit

Hoosier Homemade brings us this Tool gift box.  She had it as a Valentine gift but I see no reason it wouldn’t make a wonderful Christmas, housewarming or birthday gift.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Wine Bottle Tiki torch.bmp

‘The Whoot’ made these wine bottle tiki torches.  You will be required to drink more wine.

DIY and Homemade Gifts - Woodburned Salad Fork and Spoon

Lindsay at ‘Diary of a Crafty Lady’ brings us these Wood burned serving fork and spoon.  The wood burning really elevates these simple wooden utensils.  Click on the link for a nice packaging idea.

DIY Gift Glass Block Snowman

Several years ago my sister made me a few glass blocks filled with mini lights and wrapped with ribbon like a beautiful package.   These glass blocks use the same idea but stacked like a snowman

DIY Gift Sangria Kit

Made from a drink dispenser, how about DIY Sangria kit.

DIY Gifts - Cork Ball

Hope you didn’t use all your corks on the wreath because now I have a fantastic decorative Cork ball.

DIY Gifts - Homemade Playdough

Finally something for the young-uns, Homemade playdough from the ladies at Pretty Providence.  If you’ve never made your own playdough, you’re in for a treat.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Leaf Veins

Amy, at The Idea Room reveals how to make leaf skeletons, dissolving the green part of the leaf until all that is left are the veins.  Beautiful on the side of this candle holder.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Bagged Cookie Mix

‘Celebrate Creativity’ shared these beautiful homemade cloth bags for gifting cookie mix.  

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Basket of Wine

I couldn’t find who originally posted this basket of wine but wouldn’t this make a fun gift?  These bottles have milestones for a newly married couple  but the tags could be modified for any couple.  Instead of wedding night, it could be date night…first Christmas would turn into Christmas… you get the idea.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Cake Pan Chalkboard or Memo board

Angie at Knick of Time shared this Christmas tree chalkboard or memo board.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Candied Almonds.bmp

Budget bytes made these Candied almonds that look absolutely delicious.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Caramel Apples.bmp

Homemade salted caramel sauce packaged with apples for a fun gift for everyone on your list.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - DIY Pacifier Clips.bmp

With babies soon coming into our family maybe I need to make a batch of these DIY Pacifier clips.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Fluffy Sock and Fingernail Polish cupcakes.bmp

For a teenage girl , how about  Woolly sock and fingernail polish cupcakes.  

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Gnome Gift Wine.bmp

Another gift of wine.  A piece of fur, a beard made of fur and a nose creates these   Gnome wine bottles.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Homemade Vanilla.bmp

Homemade vanilla from Brepurposed with a label printable.  Did you know that vanilla is made from Vodka?  Who knew?

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Infused Olive Oil

Tina at ‘Just Putzing around the Kitchen’ made these Infused olive oils for a family member who liked to cook.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Make this festive, reclaimed wood tray in 1 hour! .bmp

From Donna at Funky Junk Interiors comes this great reclaimed wood and stenciled tray.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Raegun Ramblings shares her Mason jar pin cushion.   Buttons inside and pins on top, easy and perfect for the sewer or mender in the family.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Oreo White Chocolate.bmp

Crazy for Crust made these Oreo and white chocolate pretzels.  Chocolate covered pretzels are taken to the next level.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Peppermint Cocoa Ornament

Peppermint and cocoa ornaments would make a great neighbor gift.  These were originally shared by Tiffany at Creme de la Crumb.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Peppermint Ornaments

A different take on Peppermint  ornaments from Hello Homebody.
Homemade and DIY Gifts - Recipe Box

Betsy at Happily Ever After brings us her Homemade recipe box from a thrift store find.  Love the spoon handle…make sure you include your favorite recipe.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Reclaimed Wood Tray and Mason Jars

Can’t find who originally shared these Mason jar canisters and caddy but still a fun gift for the cook in the family.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Scarf Wine Carrier

Justine, The Typical Mom shows how to gift 2 bottles of wine in a Scarf … no sewing necessary.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Soda Bottle Bubble Bath and Spa kit

Reused soda bottle bubble bath and spa gift tin  is also from Knick of Time.

Homemade and DIY Gifts - Thrift Store Tray Makeover.bmp

Made over thrift store tray is from The Cedar Shake Cape though I can’t find her original post.

Homemade and DIY Gifts = Woodworking Gift Crate.bmp

Lindi at Love Create Celebrate,  shares her version of a woodworking tool box. Your guy is not a woodworker?  She also has boxes for the fisherman, the beer lover,  car, meat, gardener, music and sports guy.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Birchwood Candle Holders

Birch candle holders are from the makers of Dremel.  They would be beautiful on the Christmas table.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Chalk Menu Board

‘Craving some Creativity’ shares her DIY menu  chalk board. Start gathering some old frames and chalk board paint.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Christmas m&m poem

‘Lil Luna’ shares the Story of Christmas with M&Ms. I probably don’t need to tell you that M&M’s are delicious too.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Fringed Flannel Throw

It’s always Autumn shares her Fringed flannel throw.  I love this plaid!

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Gifts of Wine hat and scarf

More wine gifts, this time  the wine is ready for travel with hat and scarves.  These were included over at Pink Lover along with tons of gift wrapping ideas.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Ice Cream Sundae Gift box

Make your own sundae kit was brought to us by ‘Smashed Peas and Carrots’.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Lightbulb snowman

I have a thing for chubby snowmen.  This cute snowman is made from a lightbulb.  He was originally being sold on Etsy but currently not available.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Marble Mugs.bmp

Whatsupmoms shared their DIY Marbleized mugs.  I couldn’t link on their website so I’m bringing you this similar DIY.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Peppermint Pedestal Platter

I already showed you the ornaments made from peppermints, here, my friend Gail at My Repurposed Life shows how to make a tiered Pedestal tray from more melted peppermints .

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Pineapple Inspired Wine.bmp

One more wine gift, this one in the shape of a Pineapple covered with chocolate.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Reclaimed Wood Christmas Packages

‘Or so she says’ made these reclaimed wood presents from blocks of wood and torn fabric.

Homemade and DIY Gifts- Small Decorated Christmas Tree

Do you have a person on your list in need of a Christmas tree?  You would make their day if you showed up on their doorstep with a pre-lit, pre-decorated  plump little tree.

Homemade and DIY Gifts -Twine Star Decoration .bmp

Lowes has a great tutorial for this Star wrapped with twine over top of glued paint sticks.

Homemade and DIY Gifts= Twine and Scissor Holder

Angie over at ‘Knick of Time’ created this twine  holder from a chair leg and a wooden base.

Homemade-Bubble-Solution-- Homemade and DIIY Gifts

‘My Frugal Adventures’ shares her Homemade bubble mix.  What child wouldn’t like a batch of big beautiful bubbles.

DIY Bubble wands

If you give bubbles, you may want to include a homemade bubble wand.

How to Make a Twig Star Wreath MountainModernLife.com -.com - Google Chrome 11262017 14059 PM.bmp

Mountain Modern Life shows how to make this twig star.

How to Make Amazing DIY Bath Bombs -

They almost look like bouncy balls, but these are Bath bombs designed to melt in your bath.

mason jar champagne 'tis the season - spice rub gift

How about a beautifully jarred Spice rub.  The blogger here didn’t actually included her hubbies secret recipe but someone else in the comments shared hers.

◾3 tablespoons brown sugar
◾2 tablespoons chili powder
◾2 tablespoons paprika
◾1 tablespoon cumin
◾1 tablespoon salt
◾1/2 tablespoon coriander
◾1 teaspoon thyme
◾1 teaspoon dried mustard
◾1 teaspoon garlic powder
◾1/2 teaspoon cayenne
◾1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Homemade and DIY gifts friendship-soup-gift-in-a-jar

This is the gift my youngest son made for all the relatives last year.  You can find the recipe for this Friendship soup in a jar over at OhMYCreative.

Quick bread in a bottle - Homemade and DIY Gifts


Another recipe in a jar is found over at Sunset for this Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Quick Bread.

Rustic Serving Tray with Gold Arrow Accent .bmp

This is the third tray I’ve included.  It’s from Ashley at Simply Designing a wood serving tray with gold arrows.

The Perfect Gift Etched Cutting Boards ⋆Homemade and DIY Gifts.bmp

Use a wood burning tool or Etching tool to create these cute cutting boards.

ChartreuseandCo Scavenging Farmhouse Decor Scavenging Inspiration-014

These rope wrapped bottles were part of my finds at the Fall Market Days.

Recycled Table Top, Lazy Susan Turntable

An old lazy susan  gets a new life.

Jewelry Box Makeover

Another thrift store find gets a makeover.  This Jewelry box used to be covered with flowers, now it’s a little toned down.

Dad's Sweater Pillow

Remember a family member with a pillow made from an old sweater.

Vintage Wood Siding Frame

Use old molding , or in this case, old siding to create one of a kind frames.

DIY Shutters and Junk Birdhouse

Gather all your junk for a fun and funky bird house.


These  Painted Pallet Wood Snowflakes are easily put together with pallet wood and inexpensive acrylic paints.

Christmas tree made from cedar shingles and pallet wood, easy diy-001

This is another one of my projects.  This Christmas tree is made from Pallet wood and shingles.

Oyster Shell , Music Junk Angel

Last but not least, you may want to consider making a  junk angel  for someone on your list.  Everyone needs more angels in their lives.

Still didn’t find that special something?  You may want to check out last years 75 Homemade Gift Ideas.

75 Homemade Gift Ideas


You can find all these gifts, and last years too on my Pinterest page.  I hope I gave you plenty of time to get started. Now get busy.

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