Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

Fathers Day Sweater Pillow diy

Welcome back, I have an easy Father’s Day gift and it comes with a remembrance from the past.

My own dad passed away 10 years ago next February.   He was always there to lend a hand, guide us in the right direction, let us play with his tools, he was a great grandpa and loved his own  kids unconditionally.

After my dad passed my mom went thru all his clothes.  There were only a few items  she couldn’t part with it, this sweater being one of them.

I don’t actually remember my dad wearing this particular sweater, he was more of a cardigan type of guy.  I know he did wear the sweater at some point but it was probably the memories it held that my mom couldn’t part with, memories of a wonderful trip to Ireland.

Now my mom has gone as well and the sweater got passed on to my younger brother.  He couldn’t bear to part with it either.  My dad and he had a special relationship. He was the only one of five kids who followed in his footsteps to become an electrical engineer.  But now he had a sweater that was a few sizes too large and he lives in a house that is on the smallish side.  There was no room for any extra stuff.

Fathers Day Sweater Pillow diy

He brought the pillow to me to see if I had any ideas about making it a little more useful.  If he had seen my post on upcycled sweater ideas he would know, I have ideas!

I asked him, “What if I could make the sweater into a pillow, would you want it back?”  Definitely.

Making pillows is one of the easiest projects to tackle.  Buy a premade pillow form or purchase a used pillow at a thrift store.  Because the sweater was so large, this form was 16″ square.

Cut 2 equal pieces of your sweater, 16″ with 1/2″ seam allowance on all sides. (17″ square)

Fathers Day Sweater Pillow diy

With right sides together, sew together 3 sides of your pillow.

Fathers Day Sweater Pillow diy

Turn right side out and stuff with your pillow form.  

I’m using embroidery floss to sew together the last side of the pillow.


Fathers Day Sweater Pillow diy

Fathers Day Sweater Pillow diy


Fathers Day Sweater Pillow diy

Dad’s sweater pillow had been sitting around quite awhile before  I finally returned it to my brother.  You may have noticed he made it into a few pictures last year. 

Here he is posing along side  my Ugly Duckling Side Table.

DIY Boxwood Wreath and Vintage Window-006

He also insisted on being in the picture with my boxwood wreath and vintage window.

tep by Step Instructions for an Upcycled Hand Cart Coffee Table

He’s still sitting on the couch, making an appearance behind my hand cart coffee table.

I should make one for myself.  I really liked the softness and the texture he gave to the room. Hmmmm, that sort of describes my dad too.

Miss you dad, and Happy early Father’s Day.

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  • Gail says:

    My Mom and Aunts kept my Granpa’s flannel shirts. We cut them into strips and made garlands.With the dark plaids it looks great at Christmas time. When my Mom passed, I took all of her soft flannel pjs and did the same thing for myself and her Grandkids. Her colors were more red and pinks. Hers goes out after Christmas thru Valentine’s day. Looking at these garlands does stir up the memories. Always love your ideas.

  • Awe what a sweet way to keep the memory his sweater conjures alive. I wish we would have done that with Dad’s sweaters and shirts – he had his signature ones. All we have is photos. Really like this idea, Joan!

  • Ann says:

    Simply beautiful.

  • Craig says:

    This was dad’s Irish fisherman sweater that was too small for me. The story he told me was every sweater was unique so you could identify a poor seaman who washed ashore. A very sentimental and thoughtful gift Joan. I think of dad every day.