Vintage Card Table Makeover

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

This project would never have come about if I hadn’t needed to see my supplier. My pallet supplier that is.

I’m working on a pallet project for my middle son’s wedding and I have a bunch of the thinner pallet wood but I needed the wider pieces.  I needed the good stuff.  

Luckily I know just where to go…my sister’s house.  You see, my brother-in-law knows people…people that work on the loading dock at his company who know he has a crazy wife (and sister-in-law) who like their old worn out pallets and he has built up quite a supply.

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

I load up my car.  Usually, the most pallets I can fit in my car is 6 but because the first pallet I loaded was a little larger, it sat kind of slanted so I could only fit 5 pallets that day.

It was still early in the day so I decided to stop by a local thrift store that I don’t get to very often, but it was on the way home.

With a back seat full of pallets, if I found anything it would have to be on the small side.

The only thing that caught my eye was this vintage card table.  Not particularly small, but since the legs folded in, he should be able to fit on top of all the pallets and he was in desperate need of a makeover.

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

Before I left the store, I had to try out the legs to see if they still worked.  Isn’t that a cool mechanism?

The legs unfolded super quick but I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to fold those legs back in.  I pulled and yanked for the longest time.  If I couldn’t fold the legs back in, the table would have to stay where it was.

I did finally figure out the puzzle, I had to work with two legs at a time, pulling on two levers at the same time.

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

There was hardly any varnish left on the wood parts of the table so all he really needed was a good sanding.

What looked like a leather top was really just textured paper.  With all it’s rips and tears the entire middle piece would have to be replaced.

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

And here are most of the supplies I needed for this project…upholstery tacks, fabric, spray adhesive,  a thin piece of 24 x 24 handy panel hardboard and dark walnut Varathane.

I know I show wood stain in the picture but it didn’t darken the wood like I wanted, so I switched to the Varathane, which has stain and polyurethane in one step.

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

Pull out the old center piece  and use that as your pattern on the new hardboard.

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

Use the new piece of hardboard as your pattern for your fabric, cutting the fabric a couple inches wider and longer than your board.

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

Center the board underneath the fabric and use spray adhesive to attach.  Fold back half of the fabric, use the spray adhesive then fold back over smoothing out any bubbles.  Repeat for the other side.

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

I gave the sanded wood  two coats of the Varathane Stain and Poly.

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

Put the fabric covered top back on and pull the fabric from below to tighten.

Vintage Card Table Makeover-009

The upholstery nails hold the top in place.

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

Vintage Card Table Fabric Makeover

Vintage Card Table Makeover, Before and After

I absolutely love how he turned out but now I’m going to be on the lookout for 4 folding wooden chairs to complete my set.

Have a great weekend.  Stay inspired.

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  • Bridget says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job!

  • ann says:

    What a makeover!! It looks fantastic.

  • Kimberly says:

    Oh my!!! You did such a great job!!! I love it!

  • Debbie O says:

    How lovely. I have a rickety old card table that lives between my dryer and clothing rack. It gets pulled out to fold clothing as that’s about its limit for weight. Seeing how nice your re-do turned out might just make me pull it out and see if I can sturdy up those legs somehow and create my own lovely piece. Thank you for the inspiration!

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