Upcycled Shutter Headboard

shutter-headboard-010Today I’m continuing on my quest to find as many things as I can to do with  old vintage shutters before my pile runs out. If you’re counting, this is shutter project number 6.

If you don’t count the valances, which were actually an old project, each of my projects have used 1 shutter or less. At this rate I am going to take a very long time getting thru my pile of 15 shutters.



First up for this shutter, which appears to be gray but is actually green, a good scrubbing.

Once he had his bath, I chopped off a few inches of his right side so the shutter would be symmetrical. 

After chopping, this nice sized shutter was 55 1/2″ long and 25″ wide.


I guess it comes as no surprise, since I already showed you a picture of the finished project, that this shutter is destined to become a queen sized headboard.  Since a queen size mattress is 60″ in width, a headboard should be at least that wide but preferably somewhere around 62 /63″.

Like my last couple of headboards, (recycled tin shingles headboard,  headboard made from interior shutters) I’m using 4×4 posts on both sides of the headboard.  This is one,  8 foot, 4×4 post chopped in half.  Adding the width of the posts to the shutter and I’m at 62 1/2″.  If I had to, I could have shortened the shutter by a few inches by chopping off more of the border.


Lay all your pieces out on the floor until you get a configuration you like.  I’m using 2, 6 foot  1×6’s,  1, 6 foot 1×2, 1, 8 foot 4×4 and the shutter.

To attach the posts to the shutter I used 4, 6 inch bolts.  To allow for the 1×6 and 1×2, I predrilled the holes a little off center. 

The holes are aligned with the woodier part of the shutter, not the slats.


Overlapping an inch of the shutter and matching up with the top of the post, next up, the 1×6, cut the length of the shutter.  With wood screws, attach the 1×6 to the shutter on the front.

Countersink these holes so that they can be filled in with wood putty.



From the back, I used a couple of Kreg jig holes to further attach the 1×6 to the side posts.

For a little added strength I also added a couple more 3 inch wood screws on both sides, thru the shutter into the posts at an angle on the back of the headboard.


I know I went backwards in my picture timeline but I didn’t have a good picture of where to put a 1×2 (top edge) and the other 1×6 (cut a couple inches wider than the headboard).

Since the edge of the 1×2 was slightly higher than the post, I used an electric sander to round the edge before attaching with a nail gun.

I also sanded the corners of the top 1×6 ledge before screwing into the headboard.


I wanted my new wood to have  that layered paint look like my shutter so I painted the edges with black chalk paint.


The black paint was followed by another coat of linen colored chalk paint.


Over top of the linen are very light coats of gray and white dry brushed on.


After  a light sanding, all the colors show thru, including the black on the edges.

Finish with a coat of wax.  I’ve been using clear wax with a bit of vintage wax thrown in.  The vintage wax was too dark and the clear wax too light…the mix was just right.

Paint on the wax and rub off.



This is probably the best picture to show the rounded edge of the 1×2.


The headboard can stand on it’s own but you could secure it to the frame with bolts if you like.





Hope you’re not bored with shutters yet, I’ve only just begun!  Have a wonderful week and stay inspired.

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