Spray Paint a Lamp for an Instant Makeover

Flea Market Lamps finally get a MakeoverEarlier in the week I showed you the cute little blue table that I made over for my mother-in-law’s birthday. Well, if she was going to get a new table she was going to need a new lamp. OK, there really was nothing wrong with her current lamps, and by nothing wrong, I mean they still worked great. 

Flea Market Lamps finally get a Makeover-001

The base was nice and sturdy, but the shades were in sad sad shape.  Someone, I’m not mentioning any names, had dripped paint on one of the shades, probably 5 years ago.  That side of the shade had been strategically placed facing the wall ever since. Aside from the paint, the shade also had age cracks.  The lamps needed a makeover.

Flea Market Lamps finally get a Makeover-002

I had one stop shopping for the supplies for this lamp.  Target had both the lampshades ($15 a piece) and this beautiful dove gray spray paint.

On my side table post, I mentioned how in love my mother-in-law is with the color blue.  The problem with blue is that there are so many different shades of blue. Super hard to match with spray paint but gray hopefully complements blue. Hopefully.

Anyway, before spraying, tape off your wires and socket to avoid overspray. Any oils on the lamp will also need to be cleaned off before spraying.

Flea Market Lamps finally get a Makeover-003

Coat the lamp with at least 2 light coats of the spray paint.

Flea Market Lamps finally get a Makeover-004

After finishing the first lamp I returned it and grabbed the second lamp, a great time to see a before and after. A clean new shade makes all the difference.

Flea Market Lamps finally get a Makeover-005

Flea Market Lamps finally get a Makeover-006

Flea Market Lamps finally get a Makeover-007

Since lamps are so expensive, instead of throwing out your old lamp will a makeover be in it’s future?

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