Little Blue Side Table

Blue Side Table Chalk Paint Makevoer

Last month my mother-in-law celebrated her 84th birthday. In the spring she had a health scare that we were sure she would not be able to shake and that there would be no more birthdays. A combination of diabetes, pneumonia, a fractured spine and congestive heart failure.  Somehow she battled back and has been enjoying much better health than she has seen for years.

Flea Market Lamps finally get a Makeover-001

While we were overseeing her house, I noticed one of the side tables next to her sofa consisted of a plant stand with a lamp perched on top. The side table located at the other end of her couch wasn’t too much better, but it had sentimental value, an antique once owned by her Great Aunt.

As an end table, the plant stand was a bit… lacking. It had no storage, could easily be tipped, and no surface to put anything on. My mother-in-law has lots of stuff; she needed an end table that not only could hold a lamp but all the necessities she likes to have within arms length.

Little Blue Side Table Thrift Store Makeover

It wasn’t long after I decided that a new table was in her future (and I was aiming for her mid-July birthday) that I found this cute little end table at the neighborhood Goodwill.

Little Blue Side Table Thrift Store Makeover-001

Overall the table was in great shape, a little scratched and dinged on top, but the drawers worked great.

Little Blue Side Table Thrift Store Makeover-002

I stained the top a dark walnut and the bottom I painted with blue chalk paint. My MIL’s favorite color is blue.

My husband and I once made over her bedroom…what color would you like the walls? blue…what color would you like the curtains?blue…what color would you like your comforter? blue….Notice a trend here?

Little Blue Side Table Thrift Store Makeover-003

Drawer edges were sanded and the bottom of the table was finished with a dark wax which helps to tone down the bright blue of the chalk paint.Little Blue Side Table Thrift Store Makeover-004



Little Blue Side Table Thrift Store Makeover-005

Little Blue Side Table Thrift Store Makeover-006

The table was given to my MIL in mid-July; she says she loves it, and is enjoying the added drawer space.

You saw a sneak peek of the lamp perched upon the plant stand…since I replaced the table the lamps needed a bit of a makeover too. Make sure you come back on Thursday for that easy makeover.

Have a great week and I promise I’ll start to work on my flea market finds soon.

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