Curbside Chair Makeover

Little Red Drop Leaf Table

Before I went on vacation last month I was working on the makeovers of these furniture pieces my sister had rescued from her neighborhood trash.

Little Red Drop Leaf Table-009

You may remember, the little drop leaf table turned out super cute with a coat of red chalk paint and tinted wax.

Reupholstered Dining Room Chair diy-011

The single dining room chair also received it’s makeover with a fresh coat of paint, a new seat, new foam batting and new  fabric.

Trashed chair given a new life-001

The two chairs were going to pose the biggest challenge, a lot of their glue had failed and the seats were sure to pinch if you sat on them in shorty shorts.

Trashed chair given a new life

They were actually kind of cute with their folkart painted backs and flowered seats.

Trashed chair given a new life-002

The seat on the left may be beyond help, no amount of clamping or gluing was helping to get that seat back together again…it was destined to be a butt pincher. I’m seeing chair parts in it’s future.

The chair on the right was a different story, with a lot of glue and a lot of clamps, I was able to close the gap.

Trashed chair given a new life-003

Hopefully, to keep the chair from splitting again, the bottom was reinforced with a couple of pieces of wood screwed into the  bottom of the seat.


Trashed chair given a new life-004

I filled in what remained of the crack with wood filler.

Trashed chair given a new life-005

Finished stripping the seat and sanded down the wood filler along the split.

Trashed chair given a new life-006

Finished off the seat with stain and varnish.

Trashed chair given a new life-008

And the chair was painted with the same red chalk paint that I had used for the drop leaf table.

Curbside Chair gets a makeover

The red chalk paint was finished with a tinted wax.

New Life for a Curbside Chair

Trashed chair given a new life-011

Trashed chair given a new life-012

You can still see a little of where the crack in the seat previously existed but I’m pretty sure you’re no longer risking your butt being goosed by sitting on the seat.

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  • Diane Scotch says:

    I’m glad I happened onto your website. It looked interesting and possibly easier projects that a female ‘older’ person could do. Thank you.

  • Kristin says:

    I love the dark wax on this!! I’ve done all my furniture remakes with Chalk Paint, it’s amazing!! I’ve actually got a post scheduled for tomorrow on an upcycle. Hope you can check it out 🙂

  • Good save. The chair looks great. I like the shade of red and the tinted wax you used. As for the other chair, chair parts are so useful and you will come up with a great project using them.