Vintage Style Beadboard Picture Frame

Vintage Bead Board Frame

It was my daughter-in-law’s birthday this weekend and I made her a really cool and awesome gift.  Steph, if you think you’re getting a sneak peek at your present, this is not it. You’ll just have to wait until we see you next weekend.  I will give you a hint…it’s bigger than this frame. So, happy birthday Steph, I hope you had a great one.

Reclaimed Wood Bed Tray diy

This project uses some old beadboard I found at a architectural salvage store last year.  It was a small little bundle that cost a grand total of $2. You’ll also need some scrap wood, a 5×7 IKEA Ribba frame and some 1×2 pine for the outer frame.

I previously used the beadboard for the bottom of a bed tray.  

Junk Angel made from reclaimed wood, broken tile, doorknob plate 001

The beadboard made another appearance as the dress in my second junk angel.

IKEA Hack, Beadboard FrameI think this will be the final appearance from that salvage yard trip but I just may have to make a return trip soon.

For this project I only needed to cut four pieces of the beadboard 15 inches each.

IKEA Hack, Beadboard Frame

Paint every other strip teal blue, or whatever other color matches your decor.  I like the blue because it reminds me of the beach.

Lightly sand, to reveal the other layers of paint and the wood.

IKEA Hack, Beadboard Frame

Use the IKEA frame as a template to mark where to cut out the frame.  The IKEA frame is a 5×7 RIBBA.  You can use other frames, but I like the IKEA frame for it’s thickness and plain sides.

Cut along your marked line with a jigsaw or scroll saw.

IKEA Hack, Beadboard Frame

I used a 1/4″ scrap piece of mdf for the backing. This time, use the beadboard as your template and trace the outside and inside edges and cut.

IKEA Hack, Beadboard Frame

Liquid Nails construction adhesive holds the whole thing together.

IKEA Hack, Beadboard Frame

Once the construction adhesive has dried, insert the frame. Use two more scraps of thin wood to attach the IKEA frame to the beadboard outer frame. Glue your wood pieces down making sure you don’t cover the frame hole. Use staples to hold it all securely.

IKEA Hack, Beadboard Frame

One by two pine, mitered at the corners and cut to fit, finishes off the frame and hides all the rough edges.

Vintage Bead Board Frame-001

I found it easier to paint the outer pine frame before attaching. Nail and glue into place.

Vintage Bead Board Frame-002

Vintage Bead Board Frame

I’ve used the IKEA frames for the center of a few other frames.  Remember the print blocks frames? Or the pallet wood frame I shared at My Repurposed Life? Yup, IKEA frames. Have a great week. Stay inspired.

Antique Printing Blocks frame

Easy diy Pallet Wood Frame-011


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