Soda Can, Vintage Number Labels


DIY Vintage Metal Numbers  for cubby organizer shelves

Sometimes when you think you’re finished a project, you find you’re missing just one thing.

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Cubby Organizer Wall Shelves

If you missed my post from Monday this week,   I shared with you how to make this great organizer shelf using pallet wood, nails and glue.

Cubby Organizer - Natural  Pottery Barn - Google Chrome 3222016 101126 AM

I had no sooner completed my shelf, when I found this shelf over at Pottery Barn for the low low price of $166.  If you don’t include glue and nails, mine was FREE. I love free!

What Pottery Barn’s shelf had, that mine didn’t, was numbers.  Well, now I had to have numbers too.

DIY Vintage Metal Numbers  for cubby organizer shelves

My plan was to print out numbers on clear address labels and affix them to a soda can.

That was the plan. Me trying to line up my numbers and ovals so that they fit on my 30 to a sheet, address labels was not going quite as planned.

Teenage son finally stepped in claiming that my efforts were rather painful to watch. What would have taken me a couple of hours, took him 5 minutes. Since he kicked me off my computer, there was nothing better for me to do, than to take a picture of him hard at work.

So, if you need any computer work done, find a teenager.  Thanks Nathan.

Number labels

This is what he ended up with.  The font is Mom’s Typewriter and nicely spaced columns and numbers that printed out perfectly on my Avery clear address labels.

DIY Vintage Metal Numbers  for cubby organizer shelves

I washed out a soda can. It was extremely easy to cut off the top and bottom of the can with simple household scissors.

DIY Vintage Metal Numbers  for cubby organizer shelves

All those numbers and I only needed one can.  While the labels are clear,  they are more of an opaque kind of clear, they don’t quite let the shininess of the can shine through.

DIY Vintage Metal Numbers  for cubby organizer shelves

Cut out each of the numbers leaving a bit of a gap around the outside of the oval.

DIY Vintage Metal Numbers  for cubby organizer shelves

By scratching off some of the labels opaque finish with a screwdriver, I was able to see a bit of the shiny metal shining through.

DIY Vintage Metal Numbers  for cubby organizer shelves

Finished my “vintage” numbers with a bit of tinted wax dabbed on with a Q-tip.  The wax is the same wax I use with chalk paint.  

If you get too much wax on, it’s fairly easy to scratch back off.

Vintage Metal Numbers from a soda can DIY

The numbers were attached to the cubby shelves with a couple of tacks.

DIY Vintage Metal Numbers  for cubby organizer shelves

DIY Vintage Metal Numbers  for cubby organizer shelves

DIY Cubby Organizer Shelves with soda can number labels

The shelves were all ready for decorating and oh, the possibilities.  How about a bottle collection?

DIY Cubby Organizer Shelves with soda can number labels


DIY Cubby Organizer Shelves with soda can number labels

Or sports memorabilia?

Vintage Metal Numbers from a soda can DIY

DIY Vintage Metal Numbers  for cubby organizer shelves

I’m always amazed when a plan actually works and even up close, they really do look old. 

OK, now I think I’m really done, but I do have 9 more pages of address labels.  Hmmm, what else can I put a vintage label on?

Update: Since this post, I couldn’t let my sheets of address labels go to waste so I tried the same technique with words. You can get another free download here by just checking out my IKEA cabinet project.

IKEA Moppe cabinet and Soda Can Labels

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  • Becky says:

    I think this idea is genius! I love the way they look attached to the cubbies. You’d never know what they were made of. I have to try this.

  • Bev says:

    What a fantastic and creative idea!! Kudos to you! Definitely a pinner 🙂

  • peggy says:

    Super vintage looking. Just too clever girl

  • What a great idea and tutorial. I am definately pinning this for reference for future projects I can see so many possibilities. I love your creativity with junk.

  • gail says:


    The number tags are the perfect touch to finish off your cubby shelf! Happy you had a teenager to cut down on your time to get the labels printed.


  • Cheryl says:

    Wow, you are a genius!! I love what you did and free to boot! Great job, love it!!

  • susan says:

    Always admire your creativity and projects. Had to comment about the computer skills of our children just putting us to shame. It’s so, so true, they can do something in a flash that boggles my old mind.

  • Okay, that is seriously genius! I ran into the same problem in February finding number plates to fit my vintage cubby and I ended up hand painting them. Like that’s never going to happen again after seeing this! Pinning to refer back to.

  • Lisa Ludlow says:

    Soda cans are really versatile. I use them to make earrings. The Monster energy drinks come in red, orange, yellow, blue and white. They have an etched design, each can is different. I think the white can would be pretty cool with a project like this. Awesome. Thanks for showing us how this project works and especially the font! I spend HOURS looking at fonts.

  • Pam says:

    What a fun project! I’ll be making some too! Thank you for the tutorial.

    Visiting from Amaze Me Monday.

    Have a great day.

  • Great tutorial! Never would’ve thought of using a soda can like this. Visiting from Talk of the Town party.

  • Marigene says:

    It just amazes me what bloggers come up with…this is a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing.
    I did chuckle about asking a teenager anything that has to do with computers (or graphics)…they are geniuses!
    Have a great week.

  • Pili says:

    Aaah, you and Nathan are genius!! Love those labels soooo much!! And the q-tip trick is awesome too!
    I would love to invite you to share it with us at the party I co-host every Tuesday on my blog. Have a wonderful week!!

  • Oh man. the numbers make this perfect. thanks for the info.

  • Janel farison says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! You are a genius!! I love this! I saved your maple can lanterns a long time ago in my favorites and just recently discovered them again, thus discovering your website and am super stoked to check out all your projects and get on your mailing list!!!
    I recently made a coffee cup cubbie that looks a lot like your cubbie! But I had to use 1/4 inch poplar cause it needed to fit in a specific spot but I so wish I had room on the edges for these numbers! But I guess I’m just going to have to make another one!!! With some old pallets! Thanks for your inspiration and the joy it is to my heart to check out all your projects! I so admire fellow crafters who actually are organized enough to post their projects with directions and info! Thanks!!!

  • Lori says:

    This is such a cool project!! Love it! Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It! 🙂

  • Cindy says:

    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing it!

  • You are brilliant! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing it at Talk of the Town – I’m pinning it to the party board!

  • Louann says:

    At what website did you find the numbers

    • Joan says:

      Right here. Using the font Mom’s typewriter and an oval shape we typed the numbers into a word processing program ourselves.

      • Ellen says:

        Love the labels…is there some way I can print them out. or did I miss something.

        • Joan says:

          Did you try saving the picture with the numbers and ovals? You’ll have to print them out on your own clear labels.

          • Ellen says:

            Thank you for responding so quickly. Once I read the post I realized I could copy and paste into Word and print it on the labels…duh.
            Thanks again, Ellen

  • What a brilliant project! Pottery Barn eat your heart out!

  • Love! Once again you amaze the world with your creativity! I’m featuring your labels in this weeks DIY Sunday Showcase. Brilliant idea! BTW- Isn’t it great to have a teen around for IT help? LOL

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  • Pili says:

    Hi, Joanne! Visiting you again to invite you to share this with us at our new Sweet Inspiration party,