Junky Pallet Wood Birdhouse

Junky Pallet Wood Birdhouse diy

Can you believe Christmas is this week?  Back in November when the stores first started to play their Christmas carols, it was like, seriously? Aren’t you rushing the season just a bit?  But now I find myself singing along to all the old favorites.

Part of the problem is that in November you’re just reminded over and over how much there is to be done over the next couple of months.  I couldn’t be thinking of Christmas in November, I had a Thanksgiving feast for 18 to prepare.

But now that the decorating is done, the presents are mostly bought (there always seems to be one last person) and the menu is planned, I can finally put my feet up and relax. Oh, wait a minute, I still have to clean the bathrooms.

Speaking of gifts…I hope I’ve given you a bit of diy inspiration over the last couple of weeks for you or your kids. Last week I promised you just one more project that kids can make to give their aunts, uncles and grandparents for Christmas.  When I say kids, you may be thinking the younger age group but I’m thinking teens for this project.

diy pallet wood, barn wood, junk birdhouse

For this project you can use any scrap wood you have laying around that has been sitting out in the weather a bit too long.  Think pallet wood, barn wood or fence boards.

Start by cutting 2 pieces of your wood to the exact same length. Here I used the wider plank pallet wood. These will be your front and back.  Mine were about 16″ in length but feel free to make a taller or shorter birdhouse.

diy pallet wood, barn wood, junk birdhouse

On those two pieces of wood, mark the center at the top and about 6″ down on each side.  What you’re making is a roof line.

diy pallet wood, barn wood, junk birdhouse

Draw a line from the center point down to each to the marks you made on the sides of the planks of wood and cut.

diy pallet wood, barn wood, junk birdhouse

I started to drill out my birdy hole but my drill died.  While my battery was charging, I picked out the rusty bling I wanted to accent my house.

When my boys made their houses, my collection of rust wasn’t nearly as big.  It was kind of fun to pick out some rust the birdies would like.

diy pallet wood, barn wood, junk birdhouse

Cut two more pieces of wood for the sides.  Since I didn’t have any more wide plank pallets, I switched over to some old fence planks.

The wood for the sides will be about 3/4″ longer than the straight side you cut for the front.  The straight side excludes the roof angle.  

diy pallet wood, barn wood, junk birdhouse

My drill was charged just enough to bore a few holes.  The birdy hole uses a 1 inch drill bit.

diy pallet wood, barn wood, junk birdhouse

While the birdhouse is still unassembled, use this opportunity to drill or attach any of the rusty bits you picked out earlier. 

diy pallet wood, barn wood, junk birdhouse

Remember how the side was just a bit longer than the straight side?  That was because we’re going to miter the edge.

Don’t have a miter saw? Just cut the side boards the same length as the straight side…the roof  should hide the cut.

With a nail gun or just a hammer and finishing nails, start attaching your four walls together.

diy pallet wood, barn wood, junk birdhouse

The roof is 4 more pieces of pallet wood cut about an inch wider than the house.

diy junky pallet wood, barn wood birdhouse diy

Three of the roofing pieces were straight cuts.  The fourth piece (top right) has a mitered edge so that it fits against the other side of the roof.

The roof was also attached with finishing nails.

diy pallet wood, barn wood, junk birdhouse

A leftover piece of spindle was sliced in half to give a little architectural detail to the sides.  This too, was nailed into place.

diy junky pallet wood, barn wood birdhouse diy

Finish off the birdhouse with a base.  If you don’t  have a piece of wood wide enough, a couple of planks pieced together will work great.diy junky pallet wood, barn wood birdhouse diy

diy junky pallet wood, barn wood birdhouse diy

This was one of the original birdhouses my boys made years ago. I think I like theirs better.  That’s a railroad spike being used as the perch.

diy junky pallet wood, barn wood birdhouse diy

Knowing how much I like birdhouses, my second son surprised me with this one while he was away at college.

This is what you can make if you don’t have a miter saw, nail gun or drill.  He found the boards behind his apartment from a falling down fence and thought of me. Armed with only a handsaw, a hammer and nails this is what he came up with.  All the board cuts are straight cuts and the hole was made by hammering a nail in a circle shape.  The perch is just a simple nail.

Fishing bird houseBirdhouse

If you’re feeling really ambitious, I shared these 2 birdhouses from a trip to an antique mall last December.

Have a very Merry Christmas and stay inspired.

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  • SharonFromMichigan says:

    Wow – how cool! I love it. I have two pallets in my garage right now and was waiting for the perfect project to start using them – I think building a birdhouse is it. Your birdhouses came out crazy gorgeous – just beautiful!

  • gail says:


    Your junky pallet wood birdhouse is sooo darn cute! I curbed a bunch of spindles cut in half years ago, and they are mostly gone now. How did you cut it? band saw? (I don’t have one, nor do I have a place to put one)

    Happy New Year!

    • Joan says:

      Hi Gail, Because that was such a short piece I was able to cut it with a chop saw. Cut one side, line it up, and cut the other. I am thinking about cutting a longer spindle but I may have to take it over to my brothers house to use his table saw.

  • Not only is this a great use of scrap wood but it would be an awesome project for me to make with my two boys! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Thanks so much for sharing your creativity at the The DIY Collective this week! Hope to see you again next Thursday. The party begins at 6:00am EST.

    Have an awesome weekend!
    ~ Ashley

  • I love birdhouse, and this one is super cool!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

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