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Babys Footprint Christmas Ornament diy

When I shared last weeks build-a-snowman kit I mentioned that it was son #3’s birthday. Yes, he was born kind of close to Christmas and he was so eager to get in on the gift giving that he had to have his own craft day.

OK, maybe he was asleep at the time, but he did participate in a Christmas craft. Christmas ornaments decorated with his cute little footprint.

Gifts from kids potholder with handprint

For all you new parents out there, you might want to immortalize your baby’s footprint ASAP.  Their footprint will probably only fit on the ornament for a couple of weeks.

I actually stole this idea from my sister-in-law who had done the same type of thing for her son. Instead of a footprint, she had used her son’s chubby little hand.  I don’t recommend the hand, because of that little grasping reflex babies have, it’s hard to get a clear hand print. Even asleep, they want to move their fingers.  Toes are the way to go.

Gifts from kids potholder with handprint

For this project you will need  white acrylic paint, a small paint brush and a box of ornaments.  I used glass ornaments with a matte finish.

You may need two people, one to do the painting of the foot and the other to hold the baby. Paint the foot, and press gently onto the ornament.  If you mess up, just wash the ornament and start again.

Once the footprint was dry, we added our son’s name and birth date with white paint.

We used the entire box of 12 for aunts, uncles and grandparents and of course we had to keep one as well.

Gifts from kids potholder with handprint

If you are expecting, you might want to pin this craft and stock up now on a box of ornaments.  After the baby is born, stamp away, and you’re all ready for next Christmas.

Gifts from kids potholder with handprint

Now if you missed the cute little tootsie stage, I have another project for you. It would probably be good for those kids from about 2-6.

Gifts from kids potholder with handprint

I’m actually kind of embarrassed to show this to you, but it’s an oven mitt decorated with the hand print of my oldest son.  I know it’s kind of disgusting, but he made it when he was about 2 1/2 and could keep his hand open. Now, how could I possibly throw that out? Actually, the more I look at it, the more I think it’s days are numbered. 😥 

The squiggly paint is his attempts to decorate the mitt with fabric paint. This would work well with a plain oven mitt or a potholder. I believe we only made a few of these, one for us, and one for each of the grandparents.



One more…this from Pinterest. This ornament is from Living a Better Life. The whole hand would probably be a child of 2-3 years, but you could make snowmen out of just fingerprints for an older child.

Stay tuned, I have a couple more projects yet to come.  Have a great weekend.

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