Pallet and Shingles Christmas Tree

One week to Thanksgiving and counting. Sorry, didn’t mean to shock you, I’m sort of just reminding myself.  I have 18 people coming for dinner next week and I have no menu and I still need to start cleaning house.

Today I’m once again guest posting over at My Repurposed Life.  If you have never had a chance to check out Gail’s projects, you are in for a treat. Hope you get a chance to go over and check out one more Christmas tree  I’ve made for the season. I’m just giving you a sneak peek.

Christmas tree made from cedar shingles and pallet wood, easy diy

If you checked out the Advent Calendar Christmas tree I shared earlier in the week, you may have noticed that it was created with cedar shingles. Well, the original plan was for this tree (the one above) to be my advent calendar, but once I created it, I found it was too small to hold all 24 boxes. When I placed the boxes on the tree, they just looked like giant marshmallows.  I still loved the way it turned out, and if you love pallet wood, it has a bit of that too.

6ft Advent Calendar Christmas tree, cedar shingles, wood christmas tree, great for small spaces

For my own advent calendar I needed something bigger…something jumbo sized, so my 6 foot tree was born.

So both trees are created with cedar shingles with totally different looks.  Let me know which one you like better.

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