Beachcomber Napkin Rings diy

Seashell Napkin Rings diy

Summer is coming, the kids are loading up their buckets with seashells. OK, maybe it’s mom who loads up the bucket with seashells…and you can’t part with any of them. You need a project.

This is an easy craft project.  You don’t need a saw, you don’t need a nail gun. It would be nice to have a sewing machine, but even that you don’t necessarily need, if you can stitch a straight line. You will need a hot glue gun.

Shell Hurricane Lamp diy

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you a hurricane lamp made from seashells from a vacation to Maine 14 years ago.  Well, I still had  (have) a bunch of those shells leftover.

Matching napkin holders would go great with my hurricane lamp.


Start by cutting 5 strips of fabric, 6″x 2 3/4″. I used a drop cloth, but this is just a nice weight canvas, not too stiff.


 Sew the ends together to form a circle with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.


Iron open the seam so that it lays flat. My 7th grade sewing teacher would be so happy that I mentioned that.


Fold over the top and bottom so that all seams and fabric edges are to the outside of the ring.  The inside will be nice and smooth.


While you’re gluing, it’s nice to be able to hold the cloth ring securely. A 4 oz bottle of paint fit perfectly and was held in place with a clamp.  Could also try a wine bottle or a dowel…anything that your ring fits around.


 Start gluing, I overlapped the edge of my fabric by just a bit to hide the edge.


 Each row of shells fit somewhat inside the previous row.

Seashell napkin holder/rings diy


 About 36 shells later, a finished napkin ring.

Seashell napkin holder/rings diy



Seashell napkin holder/rings diy



I hope you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes.

Good luck on your beach combing this summer. Oh, and if you happen to collect a bunch of oyster shells you could always put together a mirror.

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