Easiest Pallet Wood Project ever….

Easy Pallet Wood Shelf, diy

About a year ago my brother-in-law, Bill, offered to get a bunch of pallets from his loading dock at work.  Apparently, all he had to do was ask the guys at the loading dock and they would save them for him. (Did I mention, he is now my favorite brother-in-law?)

Well, he came through in a big way…he brought home about 40 pallets. Heaven, I’m in heaven. It was a mountain of pallets.  All we had to do was go and pick them up so that his house didn’t look like a junk yard. Unfortunately, our largest car can only hold about 6 pallets at a time, so one afternoon we made a couple of trips…12 pallets, enough to dent the pile. 

That was good enough for one afternoon and the rest of the pile was hidden by tall ornamental grasses, so it didn’t look quite as junky.  We did promise to be back though.

This is where the story gets really sad; there was no going back. My sister Ann is now as into pallet projects as I am and she’s holding onto her stash.  Isn’t that a sad story?  I’m on my own. I’m back to scavenging off the streets…literally.

Maybe if she reads this sad story she’ll part with more.

Easy Pallet Wood Shelf, diy

In their house, with what has got to be the simplest project ever for pallets, are these simple shelves made from the cross pieces and the top deckboards of a pallet. That’s right, just two pieces nailed together and screwed to the wall.

Now I’m saying, why didn’t I think of that.

Easy Pallet Wood Shelf, diy

Here, I spent all day cutting, sanding and painting a new project and Ann nails two pieces of wood together and it looks great. It even looks great in the bathroom holding a simple candle.

Easy Pallet Wood Shelf, diy

Or double stacked in the kitchen, holding pictures, ducks and a collection of crab mallets. I even like the aged wood with the tin pails.

Easy Pallet Wood Shelf, diy

Easy Pallet Wood Shelf, diy

 She has done a bunch of other projects with the pallets so I guess I’ll let her keep them… but she wouldn’t miss just a few would she? 

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  • Maggie Kimble says:

    Is there no shame between sisters? Rifts between nations have been caused by less. The Geneva Convention surely has statutes addressing withholding property belonging to one’s sibling!

    As one who guards her stash of pallets, I totally understand your disappointment in being “robbed” of such a prize by blood kin. Being a big sister I can say it would be a joy if my sister shared my passion for creating something from junk. My daughter has the talent and ability; however, she doesn’t get any pleasure in the process (she will take most of my creations for her home though).

    I would keep the skirmish going while secretly rejoicing that Sis found a love for something so dear to my heart. I envy you and your sister this new chapter!

    Da Magz

    • Joan says:

      Love the rifts between nations comment. Pretty sure no world wars were caused by pallets….though they could have been.. I do love that she loves junk as much as I do but I was tempted to steal a few pallet when we were over her house for Memorial Day.

  • Joan,

    I am so sorry to hear about your stash of pallets but I love what you did with these! I’ve seen a lot of pallet projects but I don’t think I’ve ever seen shelves like these! I am starting a new link up party with Refresh Living every Tuesday night starting @7 pm CST and we would love to have you join us. http://www.pocketofposies.com

    • Joan says:

      It was a sad story wasn’t it, but this wasn’t my project, this was my sisters. I would love to take credit as her inspiration, but these oh so simple shelves never even crossed my mind. At least she’s doing great things with “my” pallets.

  • love it when simple, functional, and cute mix together! great idea for easy shelves!

  • gail says:

    Love the easy shelves Joan! I’ve never done a pallet project! hhehehehe

    catching you!


    • Joan says:

      I can’t believe that with all your years of repurposed projects you’ve never done a pallet project …and now I know why you didn’t have a pallet wood category. Free wood is the best.

  • Such a super cute thrifty idea. Thank you for sharing it at my Show and Share party.


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  • Cindy says:

    So clever! I love your shelf, such a great way to use the pallet!
    Thanks for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!