20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas

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20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas

A couple of weeks ago my husband surprised me by offering to take me to a few salvage yards.  

What we came home with was a car full of cedar planks that became my Rustic Storage Cabinet.  While we got all of the cedar planks in the first place we checked out, we also hit up two other salvage yards before we froze to death.

The third place we checked out, Second Chance,  located in Baltimore, was enormous.  According to their website they boast 200,000 sq feet of retail space…but what initially caught my eye were the walls they had up for display showing what could be done with salvaged materials.

20+ amazing recycled wall ideas- Wall of Shutters and DoorsT

This wall, covered with shutters, doors and corrugated metal was a piece of art. This was what was done on a large scale…

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Recycled Window and door Wall

 On a smaller scale this wall was created by Piet Hein Eek in Amsterdam. By painting all of the doors white, it appears to just be wall texture.

20+ amazing recycled wall ideas- Tongue and Groove floorboards

Also at the salvage yard was this wall created by exposing the tongue and groove portion of hard wood flooring.  The texture was amazing. This would be a great idea if the flooring you have is beyond repair.

20+ amazing recycled wall ideas- Clay Roofing Tiles

This wall, also on display at the salvage yard, was done with clay roofing tiles.  After seeing the variety of walls at the salvage yard, I decided to peruse the internet to find other cool walls that spoke to me.  I’m not sure what they’re saying but they are definitely speaking.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-35 Things To Do With All Those Books - Google Chrome 2272015 31006 PM.bmp

This room by Aaron T. Stephan reimagines the possible uses of old books.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-beer bottles doors  walls  Pinterest - Google Chrome 2272015 30839 PM.bmp

These cast off old beer bottles are beautiful as room dividers.  More pictures of these fantastic walls can be found here.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-DIY Ideas 5 Extraordinary Things to Make with Wine Corks - Google Chrome 2272015 30912 PM.bmp

From George’s Kitchens, comes this bar blacksplash made of used cork.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-How To Make a Dictionary (etc) Wall - Google Chrome 2272015 30950 PM.bmp

Old dictionary pages are modpodged onto a wall to make this cozy room, this one was found at Apartment Therapy.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Recycled tires woven into wall art

If you can figure out how to make old tires into strips you could make this wall hanging.  The texture is amazing. This tire tapestry was made by Carolyn Butts. Find her at www.bon-eco.com.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Recycled computer keys now a focal wall

You’ll never believe what this wall is made of…thousands of computer keys from discarded keyboards.  Created by Sarah Frost you can find a few more pictures here. I have two keyboards that I’m about to discard right now, maybe I should save up…

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Corrugated Tin Wall in a bedroom

This one is right up my alley.  A wall made of corrugated tin.  I love the rustic industrial feel of this room. This one was created by Angie over at Knick of Time for a guest cottage room.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Recycled Wood Rounds made into a focal wall

Tree rounds really adds a focal point to this room.  Who would be watching TV?  This wall was originally found on Houzz.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Old Crates and Scrap Wood Pieces - Amazing Wall decor

This wall is so cool, and I’m pretty sure I just put a lot of those scraps in my fireplace.  That’s right, a wall made of discarded wood scraps and wood crates. This wall is part of a design studio in Gualajara, Mexico.  To see a lot more of the space visit their site here.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Reclaimed Roof Tiles now focal wall

This one claims to be discarded roofing tiles from a slaughterhouse in Madrid.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen roofing tiles like these, but they make fantastic wall coverings.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Cheese Barrel Lids focal wall

These are apparently barrel lids.  This wall is from the Shustov Brandy Bar in the Ukraine.  If you like the wall, you’ll be amazed at the ceiling.  Visit their site here.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Restaurant Visit Hangar Eenenveertig in Antwerp by - Google Chrome 2272015 30811 PM.bmp

This focal wall is in the Hangar Eenenveertig Restaurant in Antwerp.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Tin Can Lid Wall

Tin can lids make a great repurposed wall for the outside of this chicken coop.

Ceramic/clay wall treatment


This is probably more of an art piece than an actual wall but could easily be replicated at least on a small scale with air hardening clay embossed with different textures.  This was found here.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Cork or Driftwood Wall

 Bleu Nature in France created this wall called pixels of Driftwood in Relief . Could probably get the same effect with corks cut at different heights or sticks…that’s of course if you have the patience.


20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas, Wall of Words

Not sure this one is upcycled or recycled, but this wall is so fun.  Would be great to copy in your own home with iron paint and movable magnets.  This wall is located at the KEX Hostel in downtown Reyjkavik, Iceland.

20+ Amazing Recycled Wall Ideas-Snakes and Ladders focal wall

OK, I know this one is not recycled (unless the ladders are) but this focal wall was so fun, I just had to include it. It’s located at the Alaloum Board Cafe in Athens, Greece.

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This seemed like a great place to reshow you my pallet wall that I shared with you a couple of weeks ago. I know it’s a shameless plug but you can find it here.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

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