Teenage Boy Birthday Gift

  • By Joan
  • November 16, 2014
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Gift Ideas for Teens Several years ago , my youngest son , Nathan, received a present of a book….,Paper Airplanes With Dollar Bills, Another Way to Throw Your Money Away, by Duy Nguyen,  It was filled with 13 ways to fold your dollar bills into various airplanes.  Some easier than others, and all way more advanced than my earliest paper airplanes. Fast forward a few years, and just when you think birthday parties are over, they’re not, they just get more elaborate… and you still need to find a gift for that birthday boy (or girl).   Well I’ve given up trying to figure out what a teenage boy wants and have settled on the ultimate gift, money.  OK, I know it’s not very original, however,I no longer have to figure out which lego to get, which gift card to get to which store and  I am no longer driving to that store at the last minute.  Of course this money, whatever denomination you like, is folded into a cool paper airplane. Gift Idea for Teens This airplane is sitting on a nice big chocolate bar, wrapped in black paper, however, it could just as easily be sitting on your card. Gift Idea for Teens   This one is taped on top of a bottle of Simply Lemonade, the birthday boys favorite. You don’t have to go out and buy a paper airplane with dollar bills book, all you need is one good design to keep you going for years.  Of course the internet is full of ideas.  You can find one airplane example here. Not to leave the girls out,  I hear they like money too.  How about sunglasses (could blow up a picture of the birthday girl and have her wearing the sunglasses) an elephant, or  maybe even a heart. No more running to the store, unless you really want to. Shared at Much ado About Monday , Handmade Hangout Party and The Inspiration Board

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