My 2 Favorite Box Costumes

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As you all know, October is the month of Halloween.  So, just as you are thinking about what your little munchkin may be, I’m throwing out a couple of ideas.  Both made of boxes , and both fairly easy to assemble.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the costumes in progress, they were both made many years ago.  First, for the toddler who doesn’t really care to walk…a safari costume.  Nathan here is modeling his ability to sit in his wagon surrounded by his stuffed animals and do nothing while his loving parents pull him around.

The jeep is nothing more than 2 boxes taped together with holes cut out for the windows and a steering wheel.   Plastic plate headlights and a cardboard spare tire complete the look.  Boxes are painted a lovely tan and a monkey is thrown on top.  The whole box just sits right on top of the wagon.

His outfit includes a straw pith helmet,  a play camera and a “safari” vest.   There were various other stuffed animals thrown in the wagon for effect…isn’t that what all safari guys do?..collect animals?

Halloween costume -Safari guy, diy costumes



For my next box costume, Nathan is now modeling a fish tank.  This was actually made from 2 boxes.  One box was cut with a neck hole, a body hole and 2 arm holes.  On top of that was a partial box, think tv screen, only about an inch thick.  Front cut out for the glass  (plexiglass) and taped to the body box.  These two boxes had to be the same size.   Both boxes taped together were painted black.

To give a water effect, tape down a piece of aluminum foil to the background.  On top of that tape a piece of saran wrap.   Paint the saran wrap with blue paint swished around, letting some of the foil shine through.

Glue plastic plants, aquarium gravel and assorted fishies to your water and bottom. (some are available at the $1 store)   Cut a piece of plexiglass to fit the front and glue in place.

The fish hat is a stuffed animal found at the goodwill.  He was split up the middle on the seam , stretched apart and hand stitched to a beanie hat.  (I like the mummy costume too, though he may have a harder time trick-or-treating)

Halloween costume -fish tank costume, aquarium costume,  diy costume, box costume, homemade halloween costume



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