Pallet Wood Centerpiece DIY

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Pallet Wood Centerpiece DIY

Pallet Wood Centerpiece DIY

For a long time I have loved barn wood. Unlike brand new wood from the lumberyard, it has age, it has character, it has splinters, it’s a little weathered. The problem with barn wood is, I don’t have a barn falling down on my property so I am left just to lust after old falling down barns.  All that beautiful wood just waiting for me to make it into something beautiful.

That’s where pallet wood comes in…it’s almost everything a beautiful barn is, except people discard them willy nilly.  You may have never noticed, but pallets are everywhere and while I don’t suggest you steal someones pallet laying behind a store, I do think the pallet leaning up against a dumpster is fair game.  

So hopefully you have a pallet source (right now my source is my brother-in-law)

I have gone on a bit but this project really requires very little instruction, very little time, and very little tools. In a word, it is EASY.

You will need 3 pieces of longer wood , about 22 inches long, 2 shorter pieces, about 10 inches long.  With finishing nails attach your pieces making sure your finishing nails are shorter than the combined width of your two pieces of wood.  Two nails per side, per piece should do the trick.  The bottom supports are set in from the sides by about an inch.  That’s it, you’re done!!



Since you are using this piece directly on a table you may be concerned about the wood.  There is a great piece on determining if a pallet is safe found here.  Even if it is deemed safe I would still not put any foods directly on the wood.

Easy DIY Pallet wood Centerpiece


Easy Pallet Wood Centerpiece DIY


Pallet Wood Centerpiece

Pallet Wood Centerpiece

Total cost for the project…  FREE.  Now wait for your ooohs and  aaahs.


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