DIY Pallet Signal Flags/ Beach Decor

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DIY  Pallet Signal Flags Wall Decor

DIY Pallet Signal Flags Wall Decor


For all of you pallet lovers, this is a really easy pallet project.

The first thing need to do is obtain your wood.  For this project you could use any wood scraps you have laying around but I prefer pallets for their “rustic” nature.  OK, they are rough and splintery.  Generally pallet wood comes in two different widths, fat and skinny.  You’ll want to take one of your wider pieces.  



Note:  This is a great chance to use up a few scraps.   Using a saw, cut your piece into a square or as many squares as you’re planning on making.  You may just get carried away like I did.  This square is about 5 1/2″ square.


There are many maritime signal flag designs but for our purposes I’ll show you the basic ones that stand for the letters of the alphabet.


It’s time to choose your letter.  You can base it on your initials, your name, a saying, or the design you just like best. As you can see, you won’t need many colors in your paintbox.  Inexpensive acrylics, available at your craft store, in thousands of colors will work great for this project.


Draw your design in pencil on your square piece of wood and paint away.  This is a great family project, my son, who was about 12 at the time had a great time helping Mom.


Once finished, the colors look rather bright.  You can either use them as is or age them a bit.  If you choose to age them, let the colors dry completely.  Next take sand paper, either by hand or with an electric sander, and sand off all the rough bits, sanding over your painting lightly and sanding the edges.  Stain lightly over the entire square and don’t forget the sides. Your project is now complete. 

DIY Pallet Wood Maritime Signal Flag/ Wall decor


DIY Pallet Signal Flags

DIY Pallet Signal Flags

DIY Pallet Wood Maritime Signal Flag/ Wall decor


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